The Benefits of Smart Manufacturing

18 October 2018
18 October 2018, Comments: 0

Manufactures are increasingly adopting smart technology into their factories, but for many it’s still at the early stages as it can be time consuming and expensive. However once implemented they can have huge benefits on both fabrication and finishing.

According to Capgemini smart factories could contribute $500 billion in added value to the global economy, and manufactures predict overall efficiently to grow yearly over the next five years at 7 times the rate of growth since 1990.

What is Smart Manufacturing?

Smart manufacturing is a broad category that has the goal of optimising manufacturing including product, product transaction and concept generation. Smart manufacturing employs high levels of adaptability as well as computer controls such as automation. Its processes enable all the information about the manufacturing process to be available when or where it is needed to increase efficiency.

The Benefits of Smart Manufacturing

Higher Quality

Improving the quality of products is the main goal for manufacturers and smart manufacturing can improve this dramatically. Using smart manufacturing can increase quality thanks to various embedded technology such as sensors that detect issues and alert employees. This allows employees to see any potential problems before they cause any issues. These sensors are also incredibly useful for measuring important components that rely on exact specifications for performance, durability and safety.

Improved Lead Times

When companies outsource metalwork to a manufacturing company like ourselves they often need the fastest lead times possible, and smart manufacturing helps provide that. Machines that offer automation can run through the night and at weekends while nobody is at the factory. This allows work to be completed at a faster rate and allows customers to get their product quicker.

Greater Energy Efficiency

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Energy consumption is high in the manufacturing industry, and a lot of that is wasted energy. Smart manufacturing can help reduce this by collecting and understanding data per machine. Each machine can have the ability to be tracked for energy consumption, and actionable insights can be delivered about how to create more efficiency, and benchmark similar pieces of machinery to determine which are performing better. This allows for a much smoother running factory.

Manufacturing Outsourcing Services

We offer a variety of sheet metal finishing and fabrication services in our state-of-the-art factory in the North West. If you have any questions about our services, please get in touch with the Sheet Metal Services team on one of the following;

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