How our laser cutting services can improve your business

11 April 2019
11 April 2019, Comments: 0

Laser cutting is a technology that uses lasers to cut materials, predominantly metal, into products or parts for a wide range of industries. We use CO2 laser machines, the most popular method, that melts the metal into the desired specifications. This works by directing the output of the laser through optics. The laser optics and computer numerical control are used to direct the material and laser beam. This allows for high precision and leaves an edge with a high-quality finish.

Here at Sheet Metal Services we’re well-known in the industry for our sheet metal laser cutting services. This is because we’re constantly investing in the latest and greatest manufacturing technology to achieve the highest quality precision products and parts.

So how does working with us help your business?

Reduce manufacturing costs

If you already outsource your metalwork you may be paying more than you could be. We are extremely competitive in pricing because we’re always improving the technology we use and optimising how our factory runs.

If you don’t currently outsource but are looking to have your products or parts manufactured it’s almost certainly the most cost effective option. Purchasing your own space and equipment and employing an experienced work force is very expensive and time consuming. Working with Sheet Metal Services cuts these costs out completely and gets your products to you and your customers faster.

Increase Demand

Even if you have plunged to manufacturer in-house we can still be beneficial. Sometimes you will hit your maximum workload and this often means you will have to either increase lead times or let customers down. We can support your increase in demand by manufacturing additional work at our facility to your exact specification.

Increase Innovation

Outsourcing your metalwork to us allows you to focus on your future products and other business tasks rather than taking up your time managing manufacturing.

Everything under one roof

We’re not just laser cutters. We also provide the following services all under one roof:

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