Powder Coating

SMS strive to provide our customers with high quality finishes within the very quickest of lead times.

Powder coating produces an extremelyIMG_0730 durable and scratch resistant surface. It is pliable but hard enough to withstand a hit without chipping. It is becoming the most popular form of finishing metalwork, its quick turn around also means it is more commercially viable.

Our latest acquisition in providing the quality finish we continue to strive for is the GEMA Self cleaning booth, complete with opticentre to maxi

Recycling powder at its optimum.

Recycling powder at its optimum.

mise utilisation of powder. This aides the business to achieve high levels of recycling of powder

and also reduces the company’s carbon foot print. The fully programmable reciprocators are assisted by the sensors prior to the booth to inform them what size and length of the parts entering the area. The powder is applied using  programs stored in its memory, this coats the metal to the desired amount of microns of powder set.

Investments in this area have been paramount to our achievements in providing a quality finished item to exacting requirements. Therefore, enabling the company to keep costs down benefitting the customer with a quality finish at an affordable price.

The track can accommodate components up to the sizes of 3M long, 1.3M deep and 0.9M wide.



Colour mpowder-coating-colour-fanatching

We can supply products coated in a range of BS or RAL colours that we stock, whether they require epoxy polyester or polyester gloss, matt, texture, metallic, heat resistant powder or hammer finish. If we do not stock a particular colour or finish we can easily obtain these from our approved suppliers. Therefore we can work to paint specifications supplied, or if need be, can accurately match a sample supplied

Zinc Primer!!!Most of our customer components require a finish, but we also cater for customers requiring surface coating, recoat or metal treatment, i.e. horse boxes panels, trailers, outdoor leisure facilities and fencing/railing, street furniture and point of sale.