What is Powder Coating?

13 March 2019
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Powder Coating is a type of coating that is applied to surfaces as a free-flowing dry powder. Companies work with us to finish their products in virtually any colour and variety of textures and finishes.

Powder Coating can finish virtually any metal and is suitable for both business and consumers. The powder is a mixture of ground particles of resin and pigment which is applied electrostaically to the product or part. This is either done by hand with a powder coating gun or in an automated powder coating booth. It is then cured under a heat between 200ºC and 240ºC. This results in a high quality, uniform and durable finish that complies with environmental polices.

Thanks to its many benefits the popularity of this type of powder coating has been increasing since its introduction in the 1960s. It’s tougher than conventional paint, it’s extremely durable, scratch resistant, and while pliable it is hard enough to withstand impact without marking. It’s also more resistant to fading and wearing than other finishes. While traditional paint has to be left to dry, powder coated items can go directly into an oven so there is no flash off period. This is possible as it contains no solvents.

Powder Coating Booth In Action

The History of Powder Coating

It started when a German Scientist named Dr. Erwin Gemmer developed a fluidized bed coating process for processing thermoset powder coatings and patented it in May 1953. Thanks to his invention between 1958 to 1965 almost all powder coatings with thicknesses between 150 µm to 500 µm were processed using his method. Around the same time, thermoset epoxy had become available. Bosch went on to develop a prototype for epoxy resin powder for electrical insulation.

Electrostatic powder coating was introduced in 1962 in the US and Europe which removed the fluidized bed coating process from use. Between 1966 and 1973 thermostats that are still in use today were developed and sold commercially: polyurethane, polyester, epoxy, and epoxy-polyester hybrid.

Since then power coatings have gradually increased in use across the world. This has been driven by constant innovation, improved formations, development on new applications, and the increasing of environment protection laws.

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