What is Industry 4.0 and how will it change manufacturing?

29 October 2018
29 October 2018, Comments: 0
What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is the name of the current technological a advancements of data exchange and automation in modern manufacturing. This includes  cloud computing, cognitive computing (hardware and/or software that aims to mimic the functions of the human brain), cyber-physical systems (systems that link to the physical world through things such as sensors and actuators with the digital world of information processing), and the Internet of things (a network of physical devices and other items embedded with things such as electronics, sensors, and connectivity that enables them to connect to one another and exchange data).

Industry 4.0 forwards what is now being called the “smart factory” These factories use autonomous systems fueled by data and machine learning, a field of artificial intelligence that uses statisical techniques to give the computer systems the capability to learn from data without being programmed.

The Benefits of Industry 4.0
Cost Reductions

While Industry 4.0 takes a large initial investment, once everything is in place costs will lower drastically. Fewer quality issues will arise, less material will be wasted, and operating costs will be reduced.

Customer experience

With the extensive information that Industry 4.0 provides manufacturers can give customers a better overall experience. More data allows manufacturers to solve issues faster and provide any detailed information a customer needs.


Industry 4.0 accelerate the rate at which manufacturers can fabricate and finish products by using automation, data and sensors to check for potential errors and specifications.

Increased Innovation

Industry 4.0 can make potential weaknesses visible in a manufacturing process, allowing for changes and innovation to occur on the fly rather than after a job is completed. New technology such as 3D modelling systems can also be implemented much easier thanks to the data already given from Industry 4.0.

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