SMS Go Go-Karting

8 May 2014
8 May 2014, Comments: 0
SMS staff enjoyed a thrilling competition at Team Sport Go-Karting (Warrington).

The event involved 30 drivers competing in a Grand Prix consisting of 4 heats, then Semi-finals followed by a Grand Final. The field included the original winner Chris Bankier, Ross Burns who came in 2nd on the last occasion and Peter Bailey who was 3rd on the same event. The Karting itself was frantic at times but enjoyed by all, Rachelle Hughes was the first to hit the tyre wall in the warm up laps, and Mark Slinn found it all too much after regurgating his mornings breakfast.

The final of 10 drivers in total seen Craig Bolton go out on the first bend, Steve Prescott, Joseph Higgins both taking advantage of this and the following field. Chris Bankier who was in pole position held on to the lead for the race was followed in by Peter Bailey and then Joseph Higgins. But, the main attraction was seeing Glenn Bevan and Dean Lewis (SMS Logistics) arriving in 5 & 6 places in good times, hats off to transport.

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