Sheet Metal Services at The Dogs

2 July 2015
2 July 2015, Comments: 0

Team Building at the dogs.

Friday night at the races was the venue to allow all from SMS to bond and enjoy a night of eating, drinking and a flutter or two.

The day began with pickup points at the Vernon Arms public house, Dale street, Liverpool and Crown Public house, Liverpool road, Birkdale. The mini bus drivers were pre-warned that the passengers could have consumed one or two many soft drinks, and may start singing on the way to races. although Empty bottles of Blue Nun and Liebframilch had been found on the bus from the Vernon Arms, all staff made the short walk from the bus and into the building without assistance. The party were very well dressed and the ladies did not let the team down, they looked marvellous.

SMS had reserved the executive suite for all, consisting of many tables seating 8 and with window views at the finishing line. The meal as agreed by all went down well, and the desert was that nice it could still be seen on a few faces many hours later.

There were many winners that night although not from our party, except Mr Prescott and Miss Rodgers who both left with a lot more than arrived with.

SMS sponsored Race 10 and all staff were invited onto the track to present the trophy to the winning team. As the photograph shows employees could have been catalogue models (not sure what catalogue).

The night was a fantastic success with many employees asking “When are we going again?”, I am sure we will book the venue again (Belle Vue at The Dogs).

All staff at the races were polite and assisted with our drinks, meals and bets very efficiently, we recommend this to all.

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