Powder Coating Market Continues to Grow Rapidly

21 January 2019
21 January 2019, Comments: 0

Research by Global Market Insights shows that the Powder Coating market is expected to grow from $10 billion (£7.7 billion) in 2017 to around $16.5 billion (£12.8 billion) by 2024. The increasing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly materials and outsourcing methods is increasing the use of powder coating in various industries including architectural, construction equipment, outdoor furniture, and automotive. Powder Coating contains 0% solvent so it reduces costs and is more friendly to the environment.

One of the main contributions to the increase in demand is in the upsurge in vehicle product coupled with regulations that require the lowering of industry carbon footprints. The demand for powder coating of wheels and other vehicle components is resulting in signification business expansion.

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