Large Volume Powder Coating

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Sheet Metal Services have the capacity to accomplish large volume powder coating orders. Our facility uses the latest technology including a GEMA Self-cleaning booth with automated technology. This allows us to turnaround orders quickly while keeping quality high.

The track can accommodate components up to the sizes of 3.0M long, 1.3M deep and 0.9M wide. We can supply products powder coated in a full range of BS and RAL colours using expoxy polyester and full polyester powder. We can also apply a range of finishes including full/semi-gloss, matt, textures, metallic, heat resistant and hammer finishes. We can also colour match from a customer sample.

Why use Powder Coating?

Powder coating is the most popular process for finishing metal because it is extremely durable and scratch resistant surface coating. It’s pliable but hard enough to withstand impact without marking or scratching. This quick and easy electrostatic application gives a high-quality finish.

Zinc-rich primer is considered to be one of the most effective anti-corrosive paint systems. A proven track record that guarantees this application will extend the lifespan of the product. Any specific colour/finish can be applied over the primer, with a top coat finish. The thickness of zinc primer can be applied between 10 and 120 microns thickness. The greater zinc content results in longer corrosion resistance for the finished component. Prior to Powder Coating, all materials will undergo a pre-treatment process to make the product have a longer life and lower maintenance expectancy.

Our Powder Coating booth in action

Looking for Powder Coating in your area?

Sheet Metal Services offers a variety of sheet metal finishing and fabrication services in our state-of-the-art factory in the North West. If you have any questions about our services, please get in touch with the Sheet Metal Services team on one of the following;

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