Inserting & Stud Welding

Sheet Metal Services have three Pemserting machines, for self-clinching and inserting.

A pre-punched/laser cut hole for individual fasteners, guarantee accurate positioning. This is a major benefit to our customer, helping them to achieve the required IP65 rating, for their electronic products.

We only use high-quality PEM fasteners. Pemserts are ideal for electronic PCB manufacture. Accurate to within 0.15mm across centre to centre positioning.

Self-clinching Hank bushes/ clinch nuts/ studs, from M2.5 to M10. thread. All materials including Stainless steel & aluminium

Snap top fasteners

Offer a very unique method of mounting PC boards, without screw or nut fitting.

Blind stand-off fasteners

Excellent product for all unexposed mountings. Pemserts are used in all fields of sheet metal manufacture today. They have revolutionised the automotive, electronics and other industries.

Stud Welding
CD studs are an excellent alternative to Self-clinching products.

Copper plated studs that give an excellent contact adhesion to both ferrous & non-ferrous materials. Extremely strong & resistant to shear. (even on aluminium). An ideal process for aesthetic components that require little or no witness marks or blemishes. Primarily used on electrical earthing/PC board installation.


Sheet Metal Services offers a variety of sheet metal finishing and fabrication services in our state-of-the-art factory in the North West. If you have any questions about our services, please get in touch with the Sheet Metal Services team on one of the following;

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