Can SMS cut 8mm steel?
Yes, our lasers can cut up to 20mm steel, 10mm Aluminium and Stainless Steel up to 12mm.
What formats can SMS receive for drawings?
Our CAD team/software can work with DXF, DWG, Iges, Step file, PDF, and 3D Inventor.
Do we wet spray?
No, at SMS we perform Electro Static Powder Coating utilising our robot reciprocators. This is all complimented with our 3 stage pre-treatment plant.
What volumes can SMS produce?
There is no maximum quantity it all depends on lead times and nature of the contract. There are contracts we complete at present such as 5000 brackets, 500 alarm boxes all within our normal 2-3 weeks turn around.
Are SMS quality accredited?
Yes, we have been ISO9001:2008 accredited since June 1996 (ISO9001 formerly ISO9002 formerly BS5750).
Can SMS export?
At present SMS export to Hungary, Poland, Germany and Dubai. We would be happy to assist our customers with all shipment requirements they have.
Do SMS have their own product?
No, SMS solely are sub-contractors and we are happy to sign any form of “Confidentiality Agreement”.
Can SMS fold 4mm Mild Steel?
Yes, SMS have the facilities to bend such thicknesses.
What services do you offer?
We offer everything you need for fabrication and finishing under one roof including Laser Cutting & Profiling, Powder Coating, Product Assembly, CAD Services, CNC Punching & Folding, Inserting & Stud Welding, Press Brakes, Prototype Design & Development, Welding, and Pre-Treatment.
Where are you based?
We're based in Seaforth, Merseyside, close to Liverpool. You can find our exact location here.

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