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5 December 2019
5 December 2019, Comments: 0

At Sheet Metal Services we’re constantly looking at new ways to improve our services. Over the last few years we have increased our expert workforce and invested into new machines and technology such as our Automated Gema Powder Coating Booth, our Amada Laser Cutting Machines and our Trumpf TruPunch. Each of these have allowed us to improve quality while remaining competitive.

We’re continuing that trend by replacing our consignment unit with a new, larger building that will house both our consignment stock and new machines. A 4m Amada Press Brake and a Metal Rolling machine. These will allow us to enter new markets and offer more services to our customers.

Take a look at the build from start to finish below.

Old onsignment building at Sheet Metal Services

Our old consignment unit with new floor outside that shows how much longer the new building will be

Consignment unit being taken down at Sheet Metal Services

The old consignment unit being taken down

Just the frame left to take down

Old building completely down

The frame of the new building going up

New building completed

New building completed

A view from inside. Much more space, consignment stock and new machines to be placed soon.

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