Amada LC-Alpha Laser Specifications


Our Amada LC-Alpha has been designed to be fast, precise and compact. It features reliable high-speed processing, easy material loading, and automated unloading of multiple parts. The Alpha provides optimum solutions as core machines of the Virtual Prototype Simulation System.

  • • Hybrid design laser cutting
  • • Extensive automation options
  • • Easy sheet loading
  • • Full-width workchute
  • • Scratch free processing
  • • Non-consumable table
  • • Amada tuned oscillator
  • • No burn marks from the hybrid cutting table
  • • Ball bearing or polyurethane sheet rollers
AMADA LC-Alpha Series
Laser source CO2
Laser power 2500W
Max axis speed
80 m/min
WorkingRange 2520 x 1550 x 300 mm
Max. Sheet Size (mm) 2500 x 1500
Max. Sheet Weight (kg) 320
Max. Material Thickness
Mild Steel (mm) 10
Aluminium (mm) 6
Stainless Steel (mm) 8


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